Khaled Nakhleh

Paper Accepted to ICRA 2023

I am happy to share thay my first-author paper “SACPlanner: Real-World Collision Avoidance with a Soft Actor Critic Local Planner and Polar State Representations” was accepted to the IEEE international conference on robotics and automation (ICRA) 2023. The conference will take place in London, UK from May $29^{th}$ to June $2^{nd}$, 2023. Special thanks to all of my collaborators at Nokia Bell labs on their hard work!

Paper Accepted to NeurIPS 2022

I am happy to announce that my paper “DeepTOP: Deep Threshold-Optimal Policy for MDPs and RMABs” has been accepted to NeurIPS 2022! The acceptance rate for this year is 25.6%. I will be presenting the paper in person in New Orleans, Louisiana.